Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Moving Foward

Our Sampling Week is coming up soon. We’re planning to sample them around the school and see how it goes. We are hoping that the reviews on the lip gloss are great. Our ideas about making our lip gloss unique is in progress.

At this point in our project, my partner Natalia and I are really hitting it hard on this final product. Over the weekend we will be making our final prototype. We didn't expect for our project to ever get anywhere. Now that we’re really in it, it seems to be working out. We've worked so hard to be where we are. I can’t wait till we are done with this project so we can see all of our hard work in action. This is Part 1 of the final stage and we are very happy about it.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Our Schedule

Spot-Light-Lip gloss Schedule:

Week 1-Getting bottles, Making Labels
Week 2-Experimenting
Week 3- Meeting Week
Week 4-Sampling Lip Gloss
Week 5-Survey Week
Week 6-Prototype
Week 7- Final Bottle
Week 8- Final gloss
Week 9- Final Project

Monday, March 31, 2014

Since Last Time

Since we last posted, we have done multiple things. One thing that we have achieved is making our label. It was a lot easier than what we had expected. A label is everything for a business. Our label shows exactly what our lip gloss is all about.
Another thing we have achieved is experimenting with actually making our lip gloss. We tried making our lip gloss two different ways. One way was with Kool-Aid. We melted some honey and Vaseline. Then we mixed in the Kool-Aid and that was one way that we made our lip gloss.
One last way we made lip gloss was with eye shadow and Vaseline. We melted Vaseline and honey together then we made our lip gloss. In the end we made a lip gloss that we like and think would be very marketable.